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Hi, my name is Kent and I am the Founder of the Monsterz™ games. Our first subject, MathMonsterz™, launched a few months ago... and soon to be other subjects like WordMonsterz™, GeoMonsterz™, ScienceMonsterz™ and more.
Let me tell you my 8-year-old son's story.

Since Jax was 5, his mom had a hard time getting him to study math or learn his math tables. It effected his confidence in math during school and inhibited his desire to study. He and I were sitting down playing another game and it hit me, "I can create a math game where kids WANT to practice & play. And Monsterz™ was born.

It's changed my son's confidence at school and his skill level. He has tested thru more multiplication tables in the last 4 weeks than he did in the first 5 months of the school year. MathMonsterz™ works! When we play he asks to answer more than he has to & practices with the app prior to us playing. We've turned what he felt was a chore and something he wasn't good at into a blast and something he excels at. And I'm confident it can do the same for your daughters and sons.



Make math fun and any kid will want to play it. Bring in cool monsters and it is even better! Finally, put cards in their hands and it’s game on!

Hey, those cards may end up on their nightstands, on their floor, or dirtying up your family room. Let’s face it, that will probably happen. But is it worth it if it is a constant reminder of the game that creates the desire for them to practice and play often.


We’ve shared with you results from MathMonsterz™ founder. Your children can experience the same results and get ahead of the curve on math. That only one of dozens of success stories…and we are only in a pre-launch stage.

We expect thousands of testimonials over the next year! And our commitment to you is that we will continue to add exciting characters and new methods of practice to keep them engaged. See more testimonials here.


Not all kids are the same. Not all learn the same. Even kids who may love math can learn faster, practice more and achieve even greater results using MathMonsterz™.

Addition. Subtraction. Multiplication. Division. And during practice and game play they can choose the operation and number they are working on at the time.


Not all kids “love” competition, but let’s face it, when they are playing against their parents and friends, they want to win! This desire to win helps kids want to study before they play so they can memorize whatever operations and tables they are working on at that point in time.